Planning for the First Day of School

It’s safe to say that none of us are ready to start back to school.  Being a home schooling family, the whole “start date” seems to elude me.  I can’t ever nail down that first day and stick to it.  I mean, we could start August 3rd, like our county government schools, but it has become a tradition to go to the pool on their first day of school…just a little perk of being in charge of our schedule.  Then, there is the Tuesday after they start, but that is usually our co-op Open House.  We go meet the teacher of their one class this year and then pick up some new uniform shirts, and then we may go get a Sonic drink because it’s probably going to be HOT that early in August…not to mention we will all be excited after seeing so many friends and meeting the teacher.  And there is liable to be a few more supplies we became aware of and will need to go to Target.  In Target we will get distracted by many lovely things, and by the time we get home I will need to start dinner.

So Wednesday may be our day.  We will likely ease into the schedule by re-aquainting ourselves with the school room and where things go and where things don’t go and who will sit where at our table.  We will probably see our chipmunk friend that distracts us morning after morning as we watch him from the window.  We will do Bible, History and Math and call it a day. Whew.  I’m tired already trying to do three subjects right out of the shoot. Plus, Ruby starts piano this afternoon.  It is best we don’t push ourselves too hard.

So Thursday we will be refreshed and ready to go—We will start with Bible, then go to History and Math and add Science.  They are all going to be working together on Science, and I am trying to encourage them to work independently from me in Science, for the most part.  I would like Ruby and Molly to take turns leading, but I am sure I know how this will turn out.  Ruby has a hard time taking direction from her younger sister.

Fridays are our light days.  After Bible, the kids will do Math and Science and any Language Arts they need to do for their co-op and be done!

So, it’s not that I don’t have a plan.  I do.  And I have all of my curriculum in the school room waiting for us.  It’s just the start date that kind of scares me.  I would like to wait until we are all eager to start….maybe the kids could start begging to do their math and then I would be excited to start school, but for now, we are all just enjoying these lazy days of summer.

The days have been filled with quiet,slow morning, breakfast whenever they want it, devotions some time before lunch and trips to the pool on a whim.  Or we stay in the house doing some reading and cleaning…we have played games, written letters to friends and cousins, watched many episodes of Little House on the Prairie, sewing projects, iPad games, coloring, and more.  It’s just been so nice, and i am not ready for it to end.  Problem is, I am not sure I will ever be ready for these kind of days to end!  And I have no idea when we will start making the kids go to sleep before 10:00pm….it will surely help them to wake up at a decent hour so we can start our school day before noon.

We have one more little three day trip planned before we start school….whatever that means! Maybe after our fun trip we will be ready to come back and crack open those books!  Highly unlikely, but a girl can hope.

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