South GA 

We went to see Josh’s family in South Georgia over the past couple of days. My phone was dead for about half the time, which was super nice, besides not being able to take pictures. 

Irvin always has delicious food planned for us.  The pool was also extremely nice this time of year; we had two full days of pool time. The kids were loving every minute of it. 


Molly likes to stay close to PawPaw when he is in the kitchen. She needs to know what she is about to eat. 

We also got to visit with Josh’s grandma and her sister and her friend.  It’s always good to see them. 


We found this jewel of a picture at Josh’s grandma’s house…and it only seemed right that I should share it with the world. 

We got home late on Saturday and within 45 minutes of being home we heard a pop and then gushing of water. We ran upstairs to find the kids bathroom toilet flooding.  Thank the Lord we had decided to come home Saturday or else our whole house would have been flooded. All of it. The thought is quite sickening.  We are so grateful we were home. 

We went to church this morning. It was a service to celebrate America, but I must be honest, I was not feeling the celebration. I am proud to be an American and feel greatly blessed to be able to live here, but my nationality is not my greatest treasure. Jesus is. And this week was just a bit much for me. I know that not all Americans believe the way I do, and I wouldn’t want a Supreme Court vote of 5-4 to insist that they do!  I don’t want the Supreme Court to overstep their boundaries, as they have in two separate cases just this past week. Are we, or are we not, a government ruled by the people and for the people??  Why is it ok for them to ignore a state’s rights? I would also submit that the silly act of lighting up The White House in the colors of a rainbow is only their celebration of grabbing more and more of our rights away from us as a people….but most are too self-absorbed in what they think they’ve gained as a freedom to notice. 

Nevertheless, here are some pictures from this morning at church. We attended service and then went out to the parking lot for some food truck fun. 


(Side note: Molly sewed the dress she is wearing!….I picked out the fabrics.)  


Sno-Cones at church makes for happy kids. 

(Ruby -11, Molly- 9, Mack- 8)

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