Rainy Night, VBS, Friends, and Reading…and Prepositions

Weird title, I know. June has been a full month as we wrapped up math that never seemed to end. When I would tell Ruby she was having a bad attitude about math, she would reply, “IT’S JUNE!  Math is bad enough.  Math in JUNE is horrible.”  Soooo, it is nice to take a breather from math for a bit. I have been cleaning out the school room little by little, and I admit, it felt fabulous to toss the math work in our 2014-15 bin and close the top of it!  

The kids have Vacation Bible School this week. Mack is all-in when it comes to the themes of each session. Last night was sunglasses and hat night. 

Tonight was big hair night. 


 He is a spirited one!  I love it. 

Monday night the girls had friends over.  



 And when elementary girls hang out  together, a dance routine will be made up and performed. It’s an unwritten rule. 

Tonight it is raining, and I’m home alone. Such a treat!  I finally think I’ve found some books I want to read. Im guarding my July from most everything. I want to be HOME. I want to ENJOY my kids and do things they want to do with my undivided attention. I want to EAT AT HOME.  I want to SLEEP at home. I want July to be set apart from how the rest of the year usually goes. Quiet. Rest. And Reading!


I am excited to dive into these and enjoy a quiet July. Have I already mentioned I want a quiet July?  Resting and reading and enjoying my family?😬

I bought something to hang on the wall of my kitchen today.  

And I really like the message. However, at dinner tonight I looked at the sign and then said, “Oh, dear!  You’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition.” Mack, very quickly, interjected, “Oh, who cares?!”  He didn’t even know what I was talking about (about is a preposition…I shouldn’t end that sentence in that way).  Anyway, so I told the girls (since Mack did not care), the sign should read, “There is always, always, always, something for which to be thankful.”  They both shook their heads NOOOO….”that sounds so weird!!!” 

Needless to say, I’m the only one who will be bothered by our new sign. 😕 I suppose I should just be thankful that I have a kitchen in which to hang a sign that ends in a preposition. 

I am thankful for June…it’s been full of fun stuff…but bring on July!  Resting. Being HOME. Quiet. Shhhhhh…..reading….family. ❤️

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  1. Love your book pile! Hind’s Feet on High Places is one of my all time FAVORITES! I’ve read it several times and there is a children’s version that I did with Hannah when she was younger as a summer devotional/study. Enjoy your times of quiet…whenever and wherever you find them :)!

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