Another Great Sunday 

This morning I taught 5th grade girls, Ruby’s class. I’ve helped out in there from time to time this year; it’s been fun getting to know these girls and teaching them from God’s Word. 

This morning after teaching about Joshua, I let them make Scripture Memory Boxes. They picked a verse they needed and wrote it down on an index card. They put it in their index card box and then decorated the box with sharpie markers and stickers, and we talked about the importance of memorizing God’s Word and hiding it in your heart. Just like Joshua needed to remember God’s Word to “be strong and courageous,” we need to hear from Him and memorize His Word. 

Then, I went to pick up Molly and Mack and we all headed to the worship service (Josh was teaching another class at 11:00 today). ***quick funny story—Mack’s teacher said that she hoped she didn’t embarrass him, but she told him she used to change his diapers. And Mack said,”Yeah, that was in my fat days!”  Lol! That boy cracks me up. 

Ok, back to the service—- It was a wonderful service. The music was so Christ-honoring. We sang the song “I Believe” by Hillsong. 

It was powerful to hear so many people singing these powerful truths about Who God is. 

We sat down for the sermon, and I looked over to see this:

My three little boogers with Bibles and notebooks out, ready to listen and take notes. I was so thankful for this moment.  It made my heart smile. The sermon was amazing—about prayer and how to pray.  Pray Fervently. Pray in Faith. Pray with Forgiveness. Steve Gaines was the preacher today, and he does not mess around. You really don’t have an option when it comes to paying attention to what he is saying. Ruby, very affectionately, called him a bossy preacher. Haha!  We all enjoyed talking about what we learned around the lunch table. I still have much to think about as the truth I heard makes its way to my heart.  

I am so thankful for my church and for the truth I learn here.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to pour into the fifth (almost 6th) graders. I’m thankful for our SUNDAY School class as a new couple prepares to take on a new class in a couple of months in hopes to reach more people for Christ. I’m thankful for God’s Word that never returns void. 


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