Enough of math already!

We still have math lessons to complete, and I am so over it. Ruby has about 12 more lessons. Molly has about 8 more; Mack is just practicing his times tables. But still.  I’m ready to put a bow on school as far as curriculum is concerned. 

I’ve been putting anything we are finished with in a bi plastic bin, as has been my practice for the last several years. I suppose we do this in case someone stops by and asks us what in the world we have been teaching our children. 

 We have also spent a little bit of time at the neighborhood pool, which always prompts me to pin multiple pictures to my Pinterest board of pools for my backyard.  The public pool grosses me out, and the immodest bathing suits of young and old are everywhere you look. It would be nice to have our own pool. 


So let’s hope we hurry up with the math and get to spend more of our days playing and having fun. And reading …we can’t take a break from reading. 😁

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