Holding My “Babies”

We were playing around Sunday evening, and I picked Mack up and quickly realized my time is running short on how much longer I can hold him for any extended time. He was heavy! Then, Ruby said she wanted me to try and hold her…and then Molly wanted a turn. I mean, you can’t leave the middle child out. 

Well, you can, but it’s best to not add to their complex. And I can speak freely on this seeing as I am a middle child. 

But these pictures capture how big my babies are getting. These are the little ones that spent many hours attached to my hip!  I loved those times, and I love the little people that they are becoming. Young mamas, squeeze those chubby legs and kiss those chubby cheeks! And carry those babies around while you can. 




 ❤️ my “babies”❤️ 

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