Full few days!

This past Friday we went to RedTop Mountain to let the kids ride bikes while Josh and I walked. We were trying out a new trail, and let’s just say it didn’t go well. After about thirty minutes, we went back to the regular trail we were all used to. All in all we walked well over an hour and a half. We were all tired and enjoyed a quick dinner and calm night.
Saturday was fun and full, as was Sunday. We celebrated a sweet couple in our class that is about to welcome their first baby into the world!


Matt and Lydia….sweet, godly couple.

Today we have done school and laundry, which is what I do most of my life. 😁 It’s been a good day.


These are all the books we are supposed to be reading!

These are the flash cards Mack is supposed to be learning!

Here’s what they’d rather be doing:


We’ve done work and play today…about to hunker down inside and pray that these storms heading our way won’t be bad!!!

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