Camping, anyone?

We had some family time out in the woods, and I had such a nice time. It was great to be with each other and away from our every day routine and responsibilities. The kids played so well out there. Josh did the cooking and made coffee each morning. It was great! The only little obstacle was the bathroom….it was 150 yards up a hill and was easy to get to during the day. In the middle of the night, however, I just did not want to go by myself. 😁

Here are some pictures from our fun camping trip:







We got all set up and then Molly and I went to check out the “Comfort Station.” Not bad. Not great either.


We went for a long walk…





We had a really nice view at our site. We thought it would be a good idea to try out the percolator so that the morning would go smoothly. Coffee is an important part of my morning.





Molly and Mack waded out a bit too far in the water and basically just ended up swimming!

Ruby played her heart out and ended up snoozing by the fire.

What’s camping without s’mores??

The tent was nice and spacious…the kids slept great out there! And there was room for our (Josh and mine) blow up mattresses!


We read this book while we sat around the fire. It was such an amazing book! I highly recommend any family to read it together. It’s a true story set in the Philippines and recounts how a village of Balangaos came to learn about Jesus and how the New Testament was translated into their language. We loved it.

We are already looking forward to another camping trip! I enjoyed the family time so much. Thankful that we are making such great memories together.

One thought on “Camping, anyone?

  1. I love this! This looks like such a great time 🙂 And I may check into that book — looks like something we would enjoy.

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