Photos from the phone

I went to a Girls Night several weeks ago with the girls. We had so much fun! It was hosted by a church in the area…complete with a concert, a wonderful speaker, a neat craft and lots of snacks. I was quite impressed. And I enjoyed my time with Molly and Ruby.

We had dinner before. And before dinner I let them each buy a new outfit at Old Navy. The weather was warming up, and they were going to need it anyway. 😁





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It’s so fun having daughters!

And here’s a picture of Mack after a hair cut! Wouldn’t want to leave out the “baby!”


Here is Mack with his new bike! We’ve enjoyed Iron Hill Trail up at Red Top Mountain lately. About 4 miles…kids ride, we walk real fast to try and keep up with them!

Here’s what Sunday afternoons sometimes look like….a day of rest…or at least a good hour!

This was a good picture on one of the first really warm spring days.

Josh and I went on a date this past week. I’ve decided to try and schedule more of these. It’s too easy to not make dating a priority. I really like being with Josh!

Well, that should catch me up from phone photos….maybe one day I’ll dust off my Nikon again. Until then, phone photos will have to do.