Par Three…wish I had thrown a Par TY!

Well, last year we had a Masters Party kind of at the last minute. It was fun…served pimento sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, cute golf course cupcakes…had a trivia game about the tournament and Augusta…and even did a little putting out in the backyard with a “green jacket” that was given to the winner. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to make it an annual event. However, this year things snuck up on me. I didn’t get my act together to throw a party. I have great ideas in my head for it…”badges” in the invitation, trophies and green jacket for winners of different events, best dressed contest and more! Instead, I was afraid I would do nothing to enlighten those around me of the historical event that is The Masters…..then a friend needed me to watch her kids for a little while today. Can you say OPPORTUNITY???
I dressed appropriately:


And I pulled out a book I found at Reynolds Plantation last month:

It is a really cute book filled with information about The Masters. I seized the opportunity to share this book with my friends.



I think my photographer got a little distracted and decided to take a group selfie.
Anyway, I feel better now that I was able to do SOMETHING to remind folks around here that this week is a pretty big deal!⛳️

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