It’s Masters Week!

To those who don’t give a hoot about golf or are not from Augusta, Masters Week is not a big deal. However, having grown up in the area where this world-renown tournament is held, it gets me a little excited! Not overly, but a little.
My dad got tickets for Josh to take some of the grandkids to the First Annual Chip, Putt and Drive Competition…or something like that. 😊


They had a good time even though it was a little cool outside. Molly and Kaybeth stayed with us and roamed Target! The whole weekend was fun. We celebrated Mack turning 7 with the cousins. The kids jumped in the freezing pool! They played cards, rode the golf cart and just had fun together.











We ate Sconyers BBQ, which almost always makes me think of my first college room mate. 😀 She liked that place. And so do we!

It was a good visit….The kids already want to know when they can see the cousins again!>

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