Documenting the Great Snow 2014

Well, I’ve decided that even though I don’t enjoy the snow so much, I should still document how this day went.
I woke up the girls for school this morning, even though I sort of had a feeling I should just keep them home. They only go to a few classes each Tuesday morning as part of a home school co-op…I was kind of hoping a snow day might come when I had them at home anyway…but whatever.



Mack and I came home. He played Legos and on his iPad. I also sat and did some reading of my own for about an hour with pauses for switching laundry.

Then, we got an email that told us to come get kids from Timothy classes. I left immediately and was home by 11:00. I had no idea how awful things would get in the next hour! Schools closed early, parents left work to get them, buses tried to take kids home only to turn around…it was a mess. And even now (almost 8pm) my neighbor (two of them!) don’t have their spouses home yet. They’ve been trying to get home for hours!!
The “dusting” started like this:

And then it really started coming down! And neighbors started coming out to play!!







We came in and the kids took warm showers and put on warm, dry pajamas. I played Legos with Mack and Ruby read our chapter book out loud.

All the while I was channeling my inner Caroline Ingalls….see, Josh was in a meeting in Atlanta. He was headed the way of home around 1:00, I think. By then, the world had gone crazy. Traffic was nuts, and he realized he wouldn’t be doing himself any favors by getting off 400 and on to 92, which was at a total standstill.
The kids were concerned about him…”Is he hungry?” “Will his truck slide?” “Is he going to have to sleep in his truck?”
This is when all of those Little House on the Prairie episodes came in handy. Caroline always smiles and remains calm, knowing her Charles is smart and strong and capable. So, I tried to put on my best Caroline Ingalls in order to not worry the kids. I think it worked. Seeing him safe and warm in his office on FaceTime really helped them most though.

Caroline Ingalls might have lived ten more years if she had some of our technology to help ease her mind from time to time. 😊

So we have tried our best to enjoy this snowy day with friends and chili and apple cobbler dessert! Legos and books and movies also helped us.



Snow, snow, Go away. I personally don’t care if you come back any other day.

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