Today was a fun day! Josh sent me flowers for our anniversary.

They’re were a sweet surprise. And the cute little delivery lady made it fun with, “Flowers for YOU!!!!” when I opened the door. The kids loved it that their dad was so thoughtful.

And then we got several cards in the mail and kind texts. I appreciate each and every one; however, I wanted to highlight this one:


It’s from Coach Ron Polk, Josh’s baseball coach at UGA in ’99-’00. From what Josh has shared about him, he is the most disciplined coach he ever had (and he had a different one each college year, not to mention all of his high school sports). Let me just say that this man has sent us an anniversary card EVERY year and even keeps up with how many years we’ve been married. He sends Josh a birthday card EVERY year. He sends us a Christmas card EVERY year and all of them have a personal note inside. It’s quite impressive if I do say so myself.

So, again, I appreciate every card we got…I just thought I would highlight this man’s consistency. And thoughtfulness.
Maybe I’ll be like him when I grow up.


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