The Day After….



We found friends early this morning sledding down a hill behind their house. We were out walking the neighborhood to just see what we could see. The people who were in their cars driving down the road were not smiling or waving, so I assume they had been stuck somewhere through the night. How awful for them. I felt so bad for so many who, more than anything, just wanted to be HOME. Josh was brought home by a great friend. So thankful for his 2:10 am arrival!


And here were some cars that people had abandoned so that they could just get to their houses.








My mom, who hasn’t seen the movie FROZEN, asked me if we were going to build a snowman. I told her if she ever sees that movie, she will never be able to just ask that question…she will be compelled to SING it. “Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play……”

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