Back At It

The kids and I started back to school Monday. While they did get to play in the snow for a little while, we also got our work done. It hasn’t exactly been a perfectly smooth adjustment, and how could it be??! I mean, we stopped official curriculum December 6th as we prepared and went to Haiti for a whole different setting for learning. So while I truly believe everyday is educational, I also know that a regular school day looks different than what they’ve gotten used to during December.
With that said, we have made it to Thursday morning. We are plugging along in math. I enjoyed sitting with each kid as they worked on math yesterday. The one-on-one time in this subject seems priceless. I’ve gotten to hear Ruby reading aloud in her most imaginative ways the past few days, as she was beyond thrilled that the main character in her new reader is named Ruby! Molly has a babysitting job this week and also starts sewing lessons, which replace piano (It was time for a break). Mack and I have spent some time each day under blankets on the couch with his reading lesson and with books. I love hearing him sound out words. He is easily discouraged when it doesn’t come out right, so we are working on perseverance.
Some friends came over for an afternoon play date Tuesday since their school was out for the second day in a row. My kids absolutely loved that! They made cookies, played Legos and made up dances together.

(I was just temporarily distracted by a horn honking at 7:15 am. This has not been missed. See, our neighbor across the street gets picked up for school several times a week by someone. I see my neighbor kid standing at the door, yet this person drives up and honks, sometimes a double honk. The neighbor door immediately opens for the child to come out to her car. Why must she honk so early? She evidently assumes all kids get up at dark thirty to get ready for school, when in actuality, they don’t. In actuality, mine have been sleeping until 8:30 am. That is fine with me. It actually makes me happy. Except when they wake up at 7:15 am to ask me who is honking the horn…..ok, I think I feel better now.)

Back to the point of this post. I have been praying about this New Year and all the fresh starts. I’ve tried to pair up some physical restrictions with spiritual disciplines in order to make me aware off my deep need for the Lord—His presence, His guidance and wisdom, His love, His grace and mercy, His satisfaction, His encouragement.
So, this morning I was GREATLY encouraged when I found a nugget about parenting. I’ve been praying for a renewed dedication to training my kids, and I specifically asked God to please encourage me in my role as mom/teacher. I often times feel incredibly inadequate or overwhelmed and even plain discouraged.

Well, He did encourage. I am reading my Bible through chronologically again this year, Lord-willing. Last year I did it for the first time ever and cannot adequately express how it has helped me. I’m not saying I will definitely read my Bible through every year, but I can’t imagine not doing it.
Anyway, I’m in Exodus. I read about Jochebed having Moses and seeing that he was “goodly.” She then hides him for three months and then puts him in a basket she has made and puts him in the Nile River where he is found by Pharaoh’s daughter. You probably know the story of how Moses was God’s chosen man to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. WELL, I read some commentary on chapter 2 and was greatly encouraged to keep investing in my kids (Not that I was planning to stop) . Here is what G.C. Morgan said about one day in heaven when we can know about more than we know now…..

“We shall certainly have stories of men of conspicuous ability and adventure, who have led and directed the movements of the hosts of God. But we shall surely then also discover that these men were often provided and preserved, begotten and nurtured, by men and women of faith. ”

I want to be a woman of faith that nurtures my kids and teaches them about God and His Truth. I can only imagine that God has great plans for Ruby, Molly and Mack. I want to play my role in their lives well!

I’ll close with the verse from Nehemiah that also reminded me that the job I have here in my home as wife and mother is of great significance. Nehemiah, while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, was being asked to stop and come down. His response to the distraction from his great work?

“I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave and come down to you?” (Neh. 6:3)

I love that! It’s a great work, this parenting gig. I cannot stop or come down from it. I will persevere and seek The Lord as I work here at home and invest in my husband and kids! How about you?

(This picture is from many months ago when it was warm enough to go outside….can’t wait for warmer days!)

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