It was Merry and Bright!

Well, we had another wonderful Christmas. I told Josh I enjoyed this Christmas season more than most others. I wasn’t stressed….about gifts or food or schedules. Our kids got some things they wanted and so did Josh and me, but it surely wasn’t the focus.
We enjoyed our church’s Christmas Eve service. It was fun!



We enjoyed having Irvin here at the house with us. He helped the kids make a playhouse with the box our freezer was delivered in…it was Irvin’s gift to us.



We enjoyed good food all week, too!

Christmas morning we each took turns reading parts of the Christmas story. Josh prayed and reminded us that we don’t give gifts because we’ve each been so good or responded perfectly all year, but we give because we love each other, and we only love each other because God first loved us.




PawPaw grossed Ruby out with a Ripley’s Believe it or Not book. And he made Molly’s day with a first aid kit.


Mack is at such a fun age. He wore the Mutant Ninja Turtle costume all day long. All day. And as I type this, he is sitting with Josh wearing the costume. PawPaw scores big time on his gifts.



Molly loves all things handicapped, so she was super happy with these figurines that each have a special need…the one in the wheelchair is her favorite! I wonder how this passion will play out in her life. I’m interested.


Lunch was delicious. Jason and Merrilee joined us and exchanged gifts.

Merrilee learned that she likes putting Legos together. 🙂


Molly got a sewing machine, and I’m glad Merrilee was here to give some pointers, seeing as I don’t know a thing about a sewing machine!!


Mack enjoyed the stacking cups from Jason and Merrilee. Ruby spent the rest of the day playing with her American Girl doll from PawPaw.
It was a good day! I always love the morning after Christmas. The kids all wake up and go immediately to their new toys. They’ve been in pajamas all day (or ninja outfits), and I’ve gotten the house back in order!

A good friend brought by the most amazing box of goodies this afternoon as well. It was so beautiful and filled with delicious treats. What a thoughtful friend!!!! I could stand to learn a thing or two from her!

I’ll need to now turn my attention to the New Year, a fresh start….I always need those!

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