I never knew. I truly didn’t realize how addicting Legos could be. Mack has shown me that they are, indeed, addicting.

This basket has become home to most of Mack’s Legos. He is way more into the people, but he has recently been into creating his own stuff with different pieces.

Today we were in Target, and he spent some Christmas money on more Legos. It cracks me up. He wasn’t interested in anything else. Just Legos.

Ruby also has a fascination with the girl Legos.



I will admit that I enjoy helping put them together (and so does Josh). But I would love to organize all these pieces. I’ve made myself NOT buy the cute Lego organization sets. I did buy a carrying case for the people. It worked for about 20 minutes, but then he took them out to play with them and never put them back into their “home.” Evidently, throwing them in a basket works best for him.

Do Legos seem to take over other people’s homes as well? I suppose one day I’ll miss having the Legos scattered around. ❤️


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