VBS Day 3!

Well, we have made it over half-way through our Vacation Bible School week, and we are still having fun.  Today was crazy hat and glasses day:
photo copy 7

The hats came in handy…we didn’t have to fix our hair today at all!  Just stuck it under the hat and left.  The baby bottles are for the offering to support Cobb Pregnancy Center.  Each child gets to go up front and empty the bottles  at the altar each morning after a video showing all the ways the money will be used.  It is a very moving part of the Worship Rally.

photo copy 6Mack and his buddies continue to participate in all the crazy themes, which I think is so cute!  Mack has enjoyed playing with boys all week.  They made a ferris wheel during craft time and drew pictures of different things they were afraid of.  The boy table was naming anything that had to do with a girl….”girl video games,” “girl phones,” “pink stuff.”  It was funny.

photo copy 5And then there was this enormous bunny!  How cool is that?  It was adorable.  And that big hunk of skin (aka double chin), was called a dunlap.  If only double chins were so cute on us humans.

It was a little bit of an interesting day for various reasons, but one little boy looked right at me as they gathered for story time and said as clear as can be, “This is the greatest day ever!”  And I knew God meant that to encourage me.  I very much needed it.



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  1. The ‘greatest day ever’ comment has made me cry…but has also encouraged ME and I’m not even attending/working your VBS 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

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