VBS Day 4

Wow.  We just finished day four of Vacation Bible School, and I must say it was the best day so far!  I didn’t snap any of my own pictures, but I did steal this one of off Facebook.

1003820_10201457216657433_65984940_nThis crazy man was a special guest, and he did a great job entertaining all of us.  My favorite was the “Drive the Bus” song.  He was quite the character.

We had several kids who brought a friend today, which was the theme!  I even had a friend come and help me with the class…I meant to snap a picture with her.  She was sooooo sweet and soooo helpful.  I’m going to miss her tomorrow!!!  I think she had a fun time with all of the kids.

And my sweet little guy who made my morning yesterday with his, “This is the greatest day ever!” comment was back and didn’t fail to boost my spirits.  He wanted me to watch him go down the big slide during rec time, and he also appeared before me with sweaty, warm socks in hand and a big ol smile on his face, too.  Of course, I gladly held them for him.  He is precious.

And oh my goodness.  I just glanced up at that picture up there and realized that the big afro hair in the middle left is ME!!  Poor kids that had to sit behind me.  Oh my goodness.  Get that girl a straightener.

Last but not least, I got to share the gospel with 27 sweet little Kindergarteners, and I prayed that each one of them would one day (if they hadn’t already) come to a knowledge of how great a love the Father has for them and that their faith would grow strong and bold for Jesus.

Yep, it’s been worth it.


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