What Would a Cowboy Do?

This morning I was helping Mack button his jeans.  I noticed dirty fingernails and toenails and suggested that he start the day off with a shower.  (He was already putting on his favorite shirt and the same jeans from yesterday.)

ME: “Mack, look at your feet, buddy!  I think you need a shower!”

MACK: “But, MOM, this is what cowboys do.  They be dirty.  And I’m gonna have my boots on anyway.”

ME: “Ok, but go put your socks on first!!” (We have stunk up our fair share of shoes by going sockless!  And when I say “we” I’m talking about Mack.)

MACK: “Cowboys don’t wear socks, MOM.  They don’t.”

ME:  “Oh yes they do.” (because I know so much about cowboys, let me tell you…..)

OK.  He later was told to go brush his teeth.

“But, MOM, cowboys don’t need to brush their teeth.”

I told him that Oh Yes Cowboys do need to brush their teeth.  Horses don’t let Cowboys ride on them if they haven’t brushed their teeth. (Again, I know about cowboy stuff…..)

Mack asked me if this was true.

I said, “Of course…I mean, if I were a horse I sure wouldn’t let you ride on my back with nasty teeth.”

So my little Cowboy Mack brushed his teeth, but his fingernails and toenails are still gross.  And I didn’t watch him put socks on his feet, so I am not sure that under those boots there aren’t bare feet marinating in little boy sweaty-ness.


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