Bad News, Good News and a Confession

BAD NEWS: Ruby and Mack wet the bed last night.

GOOD NEWS: They were sleeping in the same bed last night.

As I was sharing this bad news/good news business with Josh and saying, “At least I only have one set of sheets to wash this morning!,” he decided to capitalize on my “half glass full” mentality.

CONFESSION (from Josh): “I guess this would be a good time to tell you that I took them to Dairy Queen last night.”

Really?  See, I met at friend at about 7:00PM for coffee.  I came home around 8:50PM and found everyone together happily watching a movie in the dark. (translation: everyone was up/awake/not in bed and the house was dark which is gross to me…I don’t know why exactly, but I like lamps ON if I am awake.)

And when asked, “How did the night go?”  and later asked “Did the kids do ok for you?”— it didn’t occur to ANY ONE of the four stinkers to say, “We got an ice cream tonight!!!!,” which now that I am thinking about it is just plain weird….and makes me think that MAYBE, just maybe they had a little talk about “let’s not mention this to mom when she gets home, ok kids?”


So, there you have it.  A little bad news, good news, and a confession on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

Anything you need to confess?  They say it’s good for the soul.

3 thoughts on “Bad News, Good News and a Confession

  1. HAHAHAHA! I am laughing for several reasons…the biggest is that I, too, find it ‘gross’ to watch tv in the dark…I always have lamps on when I am ‘up and about’ the house…it feels seedy to sit in the dark and watch television! Another reason I am laughing is b/c it would be close to impossible for my kids to keep something like a trip to DQ quiet…Vance and Renn rat Jesse out every chance they get (it usually has something to do with ‘we saw Carlos at lunch today’ which means they went to Veracruz for a lunch of chips and cheese dip!!!) Are you the ice cream police or something? HEEEEEHEEEEEE!

  2. TRANSLATION…Ya’ll leave the lamps on because that is how you “show” a house!!! Gah! You jokers should know that! Your lamps were always on! 🙂 The rest of us lived in our homes for 49,000 years and if you left the lights on… somebody was getting beat for wasting electricity!!!! LOL!!!

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