A Productive Day

Well, we are halfway through the day that I was dreading a bit.  I just wasn’t super excited about keeping the kids focused on school work when we haven’t touched anything school related in two weeks.  However, it has gone well.  So well, that I am going to type out how it has gone down in hopes that maybe we can do this again tomorrow.  I know it’s wishful thinking because each day around here goes so very differently.  But, here goes….

6:30-I wake up to quiet house and warm coffee, though it was freezing cold out from under the covers.  Enjoyed Day 2 of James study as well as a devotion that reminded me that God knows at what pace I need to be going.  He remembers that I am dust!  I need Him.

7:30-shower and then on to our “B”s.  BED (make it up!), BRUSH (your teeth and hair), BREAKFAST, BIBLE

8:30-Started school.  Girls started Math while I reviewed Mack’s sounds and then sent him off to watch LETTER FACTORY.  I started laundry.

9:15- Spelling Lists/FlashMaster when done

9:40-Geography (lines only)

10:00- Break–I switch laundry and then walk on treadmill because I am so out of shape…gracious…and kids put away school folders and then play wii

11:00- Writing and English

11:45-Kids go play store while I write this blog and then fix lunch.

12:15- Eat Lunch

1:00- Reading Time for Ruby (Sarah Noble)

1:30-Reading Time for Molly (four early readers)

2:00- Another Phonics lesson with Mack.

We’ll also start our Read Aloud of the Little House series tonight.

I’d say we’re off to a good start.  I really hope we can keep it up!!!  We can cover a lot of ground over the next few months….and then the weather will turn a little warmer….and then it will be summer time….the pool will open up and we will be there every day.  At least this is what I bribe my kids with off and on all throughout our home school days!  Molly heard me say something a while back, and she has hung on to it:  “Remember Mom, you said that we will do a math sheet and read a book and then go to the pool every day, remember you said that???”

Hope you have had a productive Day 3 of 2012!

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