Time for a Christmas Re-cap

Irv came to see us the Thursday before Christmas. We all went to the GA Aquarium for the first time and had a good time.  Friday we went to do some things for Josh at his office.  Then, we met Merrilee and Jason at Lenox Mall for a few hours of shopping.  Cra.zy.  And fun, too.  After shopping we went to eat together and finally crashed around midnight.  Saturday we got lunch ready since we were doing Christmas on Christmas Eve with Jason and Merrilee.  They came over around noon to eat and open gifts. They also got to watch the kids “perform” Luke 2.  After the gifts, we went to their church for an Eve service and really enjoyed praising God and reflecting on the greatest gift ever given…Jesus.

Sunday morning we made breakfast and then let the kids open their stockings.  We then got ready for church.  The service was really nice.  We came home and had yummy leftovers and then opened the rest of our gifts.  After that we all took an unexpected turn and went our separate ways.  Irv went to TN to be with Jason and Merrilee and her family while Josh, the kids and me all went to Augusta to see my family.  It was quite a whirlwind of a few days and my body was screaming at me to just lay down.  And so we did just that once we got home….and it was heavenly!  The rest this break was better than we’ve remembered in years past.

Here are some pictures:

Yes, yellow rice was something Molly really wanted from PawPaw.

Kids coming down the stairs Christmas morning

Here’s a sweet story.  Ruby asked for a LalaLoopsy Doll.  That was really all she asked for.  I found one at Target and wrapped it up.  She asked me regularly if I had gotten a doll for her.  I would let her know that I was at Target and there weren’t very many of those dolls left, which was true.  I never said yes or no on if I got her one.  On Christmas morning she opened a tiny gift that was a mini LalaLoopsy set.  She was so excited and said to her dad, “I love this!  There were lots of girls who wanted a big LalaLoopsy doll, so I am just so glad I got this one!!!”  A few gifts later she opened up the big Lala and was super excited!  Such a sweet girl.

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