One year ago today, Deb, Josh’s mom, went to be with Jesus.  Some things are just so personal and so deep that trying to wrap words around them just doesn’t seem to work.

This is one of those things.

I usually don’t have a hard time talking.  Indeed, too many times I talk too much.  But in certain situations, there are just no words that will suffice.

We had the kids draw pictures and write notes to Gran, and we sent them up attached to a helium balloon.  It was more the symbolism, of course, and the remembering of all that Gran was and is to us.  And the kids enjoyed that so much.  I think Molly didn’t quite catch on to the symbolism part of it  though.  She asked me if we could keep some of the peanut butter cookies for ourselves (those were Gran’s favorite kind!), and I let her know that we were actually keeping them all here, as opposed to attaching them to a balloon and sending them to Gran.  She was relieved about that because she thought “we were gonna put them in a ziploc bag and send them.”

She also told Josh that “we’re sending up the balloons and notes tonight so that by tomorrow they will get to Gran in Heaven.”  She also sent a picture with some instructions for Gran to “Finish Coloring This Please.”

I didn’t tell her that the notes wouldn’t make their way to Gran because, to be honest, I don’t know that they won’t.

And before you think I’m crazy, neither do you!  You can’t say for sure what God allows.  🙂

Aunt Pep sent an email out for all of the family to write out some joyful remembrances of Gran, and I’ve enjoyed reading those.  We all miss her in more ways than we could tell….it really does help to remember the wonderful times with her.  I’m thankful that one day I’ll see her again.  God’s promises are so comforting….don’t know what I’d do without His Truth.



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  1. Oh Kristy – this post has me in tears. What a great way to honor Mrs. Dorminy. And I am sure the cookies made her smile too. Love and hugs,

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