Fresh Starts!

I love a New Year.  I love a new day!!  One of my favorite verses is about how the mercies of the Lord are new every morning, and I so need that!!!  We started off the day in church hearing a good Word from our Pastor.  It was a beautiful reminder of what we’d like to leave behind and the hope Christ offers daily as we look ahead.

I have a few pictures I want to post of a couple of little trips that happened in 2011 that I don’t think I ever mentioned here.

1-The kids went to the National Fair in Perry, Ga with Josh and his dad in October.

They had a lot of fun and stayed for HOURS.  They ask us regularly if they can go back to the fair again.  I’m sure we’ll likely find ourselves in Perry, Ga come October 2012.

2- I tagged along with Josh to NYC in December.  He did a little work.  I shopped and enjoyed the sights of such a fun city.

We had a blast!  We ate at Serendipity 3, which was my favorite spot there when I went to NYC in 2006.  The weather was quite mild; we didn’t even need a coat!  The kids were well taken care of by their sweet sitter that even did school work with them!  I enjoyed every minute of being with Josh.  Every time I am away with him I am reminded that he is my favorite person on the planet to spend my time with.  I love us….I especially loved us in NYC near Christmas time with no kids and no agenda!

The only 2011 blogging that I need to take care of is Christmas Day…I may or may not get around to that….we’ll just have to see how this first day of the New Year goes….I’m thinking a nap is in my near future.  You gotta start the year well-rested, right???


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