A Good Start

Today was a productive day, despite a later-than-expected start.  Ruby and Molly each made it easily through three Math lessons.  We are doing several at a time because they already know most of the beginning lessons, but I want to make sure I know that they know the material.  The English lesson and the Writing lesson went well.  Right now they are listening to their History being read on a CD.  We started a little study of the book of Ruth, and the girls were actually very interested.  So far, so good.  I even went to the grocery store and got started on dinner already.  Josh will be glad about that.

Mack made it through two Math lessons and then it was all downhill from there.  He whined about how tired he was.  He then asked me to play MEMORY with him.  I told him I would gladly play with him a little later today, but that at that moment I must teach Molly and Ruby their math.  He got so mad.  He whined and said, “Well, if you aren’t going to play with me now, then I don’t want to play with you at all today.”  OK.  Fine.  Then, he starts heading towards the stairs and tells me that, “I am going to my room and just staying there.   I’m just gonna go to my room by myself and stay there.”  OK. Fine.

He was relentlessly whiney and very demanding all day.  Like I have said before, being four years old hasn’t been so good to Mack.  He really is a sweet boy, but has this awful side that we have been seeing a lot of lately!  He threatens regularly.  Like this afternoon after me showing him which writing sheets he could try (which were not the ones he wanted), he said, “I’m never going to do any handwriting ever again.”  So dramatic.  Not sure exactly what to do with him right yet.

I even mentioned that to Ruby…”Gracious, that Mack is being a mess today.  I don’t know what to do with him.”  I said.

Ruby, very quickly said, “Well, you could throw him out the window.”

She is funny.


The other night we were reading aloud from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.  We came to a description of Mr. Scott.  The words used were short and stout.  I asked the kids what they thought the word ‘STOUT’ meant.  Ruby said, “Fat.”  Mack said, “Oh, it means you can’t come in ever.”  hahahaha!  He thought I was saying, “Stay out.”

So maybe if I start telling Mack to “Stout” of the school room he’ll go find something else to do besides whine in my ear.

5 thoughts on “A Good Start

  1. YAY for your good start!!! 🙂 We go for our first field trip with our new home school group on Thursday and I can’t wait!!!! Kaybeth and Jud both get to go!!! It’s the group that Ashley Wahl and Serse Salmons are in….I’m excited for some adult conversation and I’m sure the kids will learn a lot.

  2. Mack really needs to come to my house. We talk like he does…”stout” too funny. I am so glad the girls had a great start for you. So sorry Mack had a rough start! Boys don’t like organization…speaking from experience. They will EVENTUALLY deal it with but they won’t like it. Hang in there and don’t let him boss you around…he will try!

  3. oh my goodness. Mack sounds like 3 boys I have had to deal with. My girls always liked to do school at their desks, while my boys were on the floor or the couch or standing. I learned to be very flexible and to mix things up a little with them. There is no “right” way, just whatever way works for each child. You can do this and I much prefer being in charge of my own time schedule, even though the thought of that can be scary, it is very freeing.

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