Friday Night Update

Today marked the end of a huge part of our lives as we said goodbye to our friends at KINGS; it also marked the beginning of a new phase of life as I stare at curriculum scattered in my school room for my children.  Curriculum that I am in charge of teaching.  There is no other teacher I can name to blame for all the work!  It’s me.  Yikes.

Seriously, I am extremely excited at the thought of this adventure.  I enjoy spending time with my children.  No doubt they drive me batty at times, but I get on their nerves, too.  I am slightly outnumbered, but overall, we enjoy one another’s company.  I am looking forward to my own schedule each day.  As of now, we don’t have anywhere we have to be any of the mornings.  My goal is start with a verse they will have to copy for a week at a time in their own little notebook.  We’ll have lively, deep spiritual discussions about it, I am sure. (ha!)  Following the Word and prayer, we’ll move to math for all three.  If you know me very well, then you’ll know why we start with math right after praying our hearts out.  We’ll need it.  I’ll give Mack a break after that because he’ll probably need it.  Ruby and Molly will move into Writing and then English.  We’ll all take a break then because I will need it.  And I am sure there will be a load of laundry needing to be folded and put away. I’ll have a few math games ready for the girls to play together while I work with Mack on his handwriting. Story time will follow.  This will be led by Ruby or Molly while I oversee in the kitchen getting lunch ready.  After lunch we will all read History together and listen to a cd that came with the curriculum.  History seems to have some project possibilities.  We’ll see how all of that goes.  We’re reading through LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE series right now, but I wouldn’t dare start our read-aloud time until after Josh gets home because he would be so upset to miss out on the Ingalls’ adventures.  So in between history and reading aloud, we’ll have to plan dinner.  I truly want my girls to love to cook.  This won’t be “”caught” by me because, quite honestly, I despise it.  However, I want to want to like to cook, so I am going to give it my all as I bring in the kids and their ideas for dinner.  We are planning to make a recipe binder full of their favorites that they will learn, over time, to cook all on their own…..hmmmm….maybe I can fake liking to cook long enough to teach them how to cook really well and with great joy and then I will never have to cook again.  A-ha!  A little motivation.  That’s all I needed to keep me going.

As I read back over my little schedule, I noticed I never came back to Mack, so I did add in my handwriting lesson for Mack.  I would like to teach him the alphabet and how to read at some point in his life, so we’ll need to work on that.   He seems to be more interested than ever…and by that, I mean he will hang with me on the letter business for about 7.5 minutes.  From that point he wants to tell me how hungry he is or how very tired he is or how he needs to go look for “somesing that is very important.”

I just spent this Friday night cleaning my house and doing about 6 loads of laundry.  I get to go have my hair cut tomorrow, and I so need that done!  I look like a lion unless my hair is pulled back.  Well, I sort of look like a skunk, too, because of my gray streak that will be covered tomorrow.  I’m not going to be in a hurry to get home either.  Mama needs a break.  And I must get some non-waterproof mascara.  I always hate when I make the dreaded mistake and buy the mascara that will not come off except with painful scrubbing.  I am also going to re-invest in the pink pencil….the dark circles under my eyes that aren’t a result of the mascara need some serious help.

I am obviously just rambling and most likely putting off having to finish up any laundry that remains.

I hope you have had a much more interesting Friday night than me.

More school updates from Mrs. Dorminy in the near future…..stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Friday Night Update

  1. sounds like a plan Kristy! We are readying Little House too. We finished “Little House in the Big Woods” took a break just read “Stuart Little” and are going to start “on the Prairie” today, I think. Glad that you are sooo considerate of Josh’s desire to listen in to story time. He is probably thrilled!

  2. I love hearing your plans…they sound great! I find my tolerance for dirty clothes has increased since homeschooling…I do my best, but sometimes the laundry just isn’t where I would like it to be…as long as John is good, it’s all good! And if you start to feel overwhelmed or not so on top of it…just give me a call. I’m sure a brief visit to my world will make you feel like an organizational guru! Keep us posted!!!

  3. Love this post…love your plan…and your funny comments about Mack 🙂 I am really excited for all of you!! Love you!

  4. Hi Kristy – I know I am going to like reading about your kids and your teaching. You will do fine – and those three will be very smart kids when you get through. Good post – I like the cooking motivation. Sounds like a plan. Laundry well I’m a one person household and I can’t keep up with mine. Anyway I will be saying a prayer for you and Cacy as she home schools. Jesse and Marcy’s turn coming up next year.
    Tell the kids GAGA said hello.

  5. You’ve got a great plan! Except for the Mack part! hahaha!! J/k I’m sure he (and you) will do fine. I will say that I wouldn’t be too worried about handwriting with him….he’s a boy after all!!! Jud is doing great with it, but he’s almost 6!!! My main goal with Jud this year is to make learning FUN, so when I start getting stressed or he starts actin’ the fool…we stop for the day. He usually is good for an hour.

    Good luck and can’t wait to share our experience of home schooling this year together!!! Love you!!!

    ps. I TOO look like a skunk!! Gray hair galore! I need a cut too….never enough time to get everything done!! Enjoy your hair day! 🙂

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