Fun weekend…no camera

We had a great time in South GA with family.  I didn’t bring my Nikon, but I managed a few poor pictures on my phone.  I’ll post them here, but I doubt you can see them very well.

We went down to be a part of Merrilee and Jason’s shower.  They are getting married the first weekend in November, and we are all excited for them.  The group of ladies that hosted the shower are all friends of Debbie’s.  They were so kind to love on Merrilee and Jason with this shower.  Everything was very nice, and they got some really nice gifts!

I loved seeing familiar faces.  It made me sad, too, though.  I got a lump in my throat when I hugged SaraBess at the entryway.  I had to make myself hold it together.  Debbie would have loved to be a part of such a special day.

We went and saw the movie COURAGEOUS, which was so incredibly good.  I highly recommend the movie!  Bring your tissues.

Sunday we went to church and then got to see Aunt Pep and Uncle Jerry.  The kids absolutely love them…they are most definitely living up to their title of GREAT Aunt Pep and GREAT Uncle Jerry.  I just hope my kids don’t wear them out with their persistence and their constant requests for walks or golf cart rides or time at the trees.  And Molly thinks that anytime an adult nearby is sitting down, then she needs to be in their lap.  That child.

We had a nice visit Monday morning, then went to eat pizza, played some games at a local Putt-Putt place, and then took a nap before dinner and a bonfire out back with S’mores!  It was a full weekend, that is for sure.  We headed back home Tuesday morning.

Here are some pictures:

Ruby loved the marshmallows and chocolate!

Great Aunt Pep and Ruby

GG and Molly-Moo

On Tuesday morning we went to a local doughnut shop.  You would not believe all the doughnuts at this place.  Molly got THE BIGGEST ONE she saw.  Ruby got a pretty big one herself, and Mack chose “dis many holes.”  He got 10 doughnut holes.

Here is a picture of Mack asking God to bless our food to nourish our bodies….which I can honestly say would have been a miracle if He chose to do that…

Now we are back at home and back at school!  I enjoyed the break without the pressure of making up any work.  We’ve done a ton of work already today, and I plan to get going again after I clean up a couple of rooms and switch over the laundry.

I will say that I am going to TRY to break out the Nikon and use it around here more often.  GG has a sweet way of letting me know she misses seeing pictures during the times she doesn’t get to be with the kids.  I promise I will try and do better!!  🙂

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Oh, I am sure those big ol’ donuts provided lots and lots of nourishment 😉 I laughed a little when I read that Molly picked the biggest doughnut she could find…and then I laughed a LOT when I scrolled down to see the picture…yowza…and it looks yummy, too. I am glad y’all had a nice visit. Thanks for posting an update on the wedding events ~

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