Fun in the Sun

We have spent a ton of time at the pool.  Ruby had her second swim lesson and is doing the basic front stroke very well!  I paid for three sessions, so Molly is going to use the third one since Ruby seems to be very comfortable in the pool.  We’ll see how Molly handles it….

Here are just a couple of shots from today.  They all loved going down the slide over and over and over again.  I had to stay in there to make sure Mack made it out alive.  He is hilarious.  The second his head pops up from under water he says, “One more time???!!!????”

When I let him jump in without swimmies, he comes up with his hands over his head saying, “Woo-wooo, oh yeah, oh yeah!”  Crazy kid, I tell you.

Sweet Ruby is such a first-born child.  She mothers the other two and always made sure I knew when Mack was coming down the slide.  Look at her with her hand on Molly’s shoulder.

Mack and the girls went through a new box of Vanilla Wafers in about four minutes this afternoon.  They eat a ton out there.

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