It’s Hard to Keep Up

It’s hard to keep up with the ol’ blog this Summer.  We are having a ton of fun and enjoying being home with nothing that has to be done.  We’ve had some time with friends this past week, we’ve been to Augusta for a visit and will leave soon for a trip to South GA.  Every Tuesday night is a Ladies Bible Study.  We’ve had three so far…four more to go.  It’s a great time.

Molly had a slumber party last night, which was so fun for her.  Ruby was mad about it for a while, but she got over it…and she got to watch Anne of Green Gables until nearly 11:00pm.  Today has been a good SAturday or a little cleaning, a little relaxing, a little movie watching, a little bill paying….and maybe a trip to Rita’s in our near future.

I hope to have some pictures and maybe get a little more creative with the blog.  Not sure why I am having a hard time with it–except that it is summer, and we are part brain-dead.  🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Keep Up

  1. Call or text me and maybe we can get together while ya’ll are here.
    Amy Masters

  2. We are so looking forward to all of you coming to S. GA. Seems like forever that we have not been with all of you.

    Love, GG

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