It’s Hard to Keep Up

It’s hard to keep up with the ol’ blog this Summer.  We are having a ton of fun and enjoying being home with nothing that has to be done.  We’ve had some time with friends this past week, we’ve been to Augusta for a visit and will leave soon for a trip to South GA.  Every Tuesday night is a Ladies Bible Study.  We’ve had three so far…four more to go.  It’s a great time.

Molly had a slumber party last night, which was so fun for her.  Ruby was mad about it for a while, but she got over it…and she got to watch Anne of Green Gables until nearly 11:00pm.  Today has been a good SAturday or a little cleaning, a little relaxing, a little movie watching, a little bill paying….and maybe a trip to Rita’s in our near future.

I hope to have some pictures and maybe get a little more creative with the blog.  Not sure why I am having a hard time with it–except that it is summer, and we are part brain-dead.  🙂

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