That Molly girl is so sweet.  It’s funny to think about how when she was little she knew exactly how to suck the life out of me by following me around step by step all day long.  She would say, no less than 500 times a day with her hand held up and a sweet, solemn look on her face, “Hold me.  Hold me.  Hold me.  Will you hold me?”

She has grown in to a 5 year old, confident and crazy little girl.  She really goes out of her way to listen to Ruby and play with her.  And she almost always plays with Mack in the sweetest of ways.  I just love seeing her as she works out her own little life from being stuck right in the middle.  She got invited to a slumber party last Friday, and she was thrilled.  The party was at her Sunday School teacher’s house for her friend, Anna.  Ruby was M-A-D that she was not included in this party; Molly was very proud that she was the one invited.  I was actually very happy, too.  Molly doesn’t usually get to do things…don’t know what it is about the first born, but they seem to get the first chances at everything.  I know it is just the nature of the beast, but it can wear a second born out.  (I just picture my sister, Marcy, rolling her eyes about now, so let me quickly interject that I AM SO GLAD I AM NOT THE FIRST BORN.  Too much pressure!)  Ok, so let me finish this story about Molly.

After packing her own bag (Ruby wouldn’t have known where to start), she showed me that she also packed her Devotion Book.  “Well, Molly, isn’t that just so sweet.  I am so proud of you for packing that!”  And off she went to play and paint fingernails and stay up late and eat cake and ice cream with her friends.  She knew two of the girls and didn’t know the other two.  Ends up, her teacher and my friend emailed me and said that Molly took her devo book out and read about Noah to the girls.  One little girl hadn’t heard about the story, and I am just so happy that Molly had the book with her to share.  I just love that she was able to do be a part of that!  I hope she introduces the Bible to more girls in her life than I have ever even met in all of my life.  That’d be something.

Does it get any cuter than this?

7 thoughts on “Molly-Moo

  1. She is/was a sweet, sweet girl and it is so good for her to have her own set of friends and to get to do some things without big sis hanging out also! Thanks for letting her come and I’m hoping it’s the first of many more!

  2. Well, I am SO not rolling my eyes…hahaha! But I have to emphatically agree that the 1st born has lots of pressure 😉 I can only imagine what the middle child goes through…and I am so glad that Molly got to do something so fun AND without her big sis! Molly really looks like she is having lots of fun. And I love the pic of her giving the manicure 🙂 You do a good job of allowing the kids their own ‘things’ so they don’t get bogged down in the herd…sorry for the animal comparison, but you know what I mean 😉 Thanks for sharing and tell Molly I am so proud of her for sharing the story of Noah with her friends!!!!

  3. Kristy – Very cute post. Molly is so sweet to share her bible story with her friends. I was the oldest also and there is lots of pressure sometimes but I wouldn’t trade any of my sisters or brother for anything. Lots of good memories with my family. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with those three precious little ones. Hope you and your family have a great 4th. Marcy, Jesse and munchins were up at my house earlier today. They are all so sweet.

  4. We so enjoyed the days we had with all of you. Molly love everyone so much. I’m glad she got go by herself to spend the night with a friend.

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