Having fun

Josh said that they are having fun and that Mack hasn’t let up talking.  He even said that waking up super early didn’t hinder Mack one bit from blabbing the whole way to the pond.  Mack told me he caught 20 fish and even stepped in the pond in really muddy water because PawPaw told him he could.  I am sure he is having so much fun.  Josh said he went swimming this afternoon and could touch the bottom of the shallow water!!!  What in the world???  I knew he was taller, but I didn’t know he could touch the bottom of a pool.  Wow.

2 thoughts on “Having fun

  1. Look at that Macky-boy! I am so glad he has a wonderful Dad and Pawpaw to hang out with and give him some much needed guy time 😉 Looks like fun!

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