He’s a Mess


I am unsure of exactly where he got this.  Weird.

We were upstairs a while ago packing some things for him.  He is going fishing with his dad and PawPaw tomorrow, and he is soooooo excited.  He desperately needs some ALL boy time.  Poor guy–just last night he wanted Molly to play in his room with him.  She said, “Ok, let’s play house.”  He just happily went along with that idea.  Josh suggested that they play trucks.  He seemed ok with that, but then Molly jumped back in and said, “House is for boys, too.  He is the Daddy.”  He just needs a break from the older sisters who seem to commandeer play time.

Anyway, back to the packing part of that story.  I said, “Oh, Mack.  I forgot your pajamas.  Go grab a couple pair of pajamas.”  He said, “But MOM, you were packing and you forgot, so it’s really your problem, not mine.”

After I looked at him like he had lost his ever-loving mind, I told him it would be HIS problem since HE is the one who wears HIS pajamas.

My problem?!!!??  I’ll tell you what my problem is……

4 thoughts on “He’s a Mess

  1. That is so funny. Wait until he goes to school comando because he ‘forgot’ his underwear…You have your hands full girl. I hope he enjoys his guy time. I can’t wait to hear THOSE stories…hahaha!

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