It’s May

It’s May and things are crazy.  They are like this every year for every family I know…Mother’s Day, End-of-the-Year programs, Graduations, my mom’s birthday, Josh’s yearly trip out west, organizing curriculum to return, Ruby’s birthday and more!

I apologize for having NO pictures of Easter and NO pictures of Mother’s Day.  I really don’t know what exactly has kept me from grabbing my camera for these special days, but I haven’t.

I do have some stuff to tell about Mother’s Day, Augusta visit and a few random things from around here, but it will have to wait until I get some laundry moving and about 400 pair of shoes back into the proper place.  It may take days, but I hope it just takes a few hours to do some of these house chores and then update the blog on what is going on in our world.   I am sure all three of you are waiting anxiously……just be patient.

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