Molly’s Class Easter Party

Lest I forget to include the Easter Party pictures from Molly’s class….

There were chickens and hens and bunny rabbits to pet.  Molly only wanted to pet the bunny.  She stayed far away from the others.

Mack was there, of course, and he saw another younger brother that he knew from church…Russell is his name.  Mack pronounces it “Wrestle.”  They look like they could be brothers.  It’s kind of crazy.

Farmer Sue led the group in an art project.  Molly was all about the painting.  I think her picture turned out too cute!

This is a picture of her class with the Easter baskets Mrs. Honaker made for them to use during the egg hunt.  So sweet!

They had so much fun looking for eggs with their number on it.  Molly enjoyed it very much!  I am having a hard time believing that my second child is days away from finishing up Kindergarten.  It just doesn’t seem right.  Time is flyin’.

One thought on “Molly’s Class Easter Party

  1. The pictures are amazing. I love seeing them having such a good time. It is always nice for the little brother to have another little brother on field trips. WOW a 1st grader how cool. You are getting old…I am days away from having a senior…gotta go now…sniff,sniff wiping the tears…XOXO

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