Snow Day…again

There are many things a mother has to do that she doesn’t want to do…today I had to do one of those things…go out in the snow to take pictures of my kids (and husband) playing.  I hate being cold.  Hate. it.  I like how pretty everything looks, but that is about it.  If I can just sit inside with coffee, a good book and a blanket, then I am happy.

We rode on our neighbor’s ATV to his barn and then Josh rode the kids on the four wheeler while we watched Jeff clean up his horses poop!  Molly and Mack had a lot of questions for him.  He was probably thrilled when he could drop us off back at home.

I was telling Mack to smile, but I think he was frozen.

Mack and Molly had fun riding with Josh.  Ruby didn’t like it at all.

See?  I was there!

“Why do horses poop on the floor? Why do you have to rake it up and put it in a wheel barrow?  Why don’t they use a potty?  Why are you dumping their poop in the snow?”

And this is pretty much how Ruby and I felt about the whole snow-ordeal by the time we got home.

Snow, snow melt away.  Please don’t come back any other day.  Please.  I beg you.

5 thoughts on “Snow Day…again

  1. I am in 100% agreement with you…hate being cold. We have not started school yet and now have 2 snow days and will start on Wed. My kids are stir crazy and actually wanting to go. I am ready for JUNE…

  2. Hey girl… enjoyed the photos 🙂
    I got your Christmas card back in the mail last week!!! So sorry ~ evidently I need your new address! 🙂
    Hope ya’ll are doing well!

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