This time last year….

I like to look back at old pictures to see what we were doing this time last year and what the kids looked like.  It’s funny how many pairs of pants Ruby can’t wear anymore; funny how kids grow over the course of a year even after we tell them to stop growing.  We like our little 6 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old.  They don’t listen.  And they just keep growing and growing.

I thought it only fair to announce that Mack knows his colors since this time last year I didn’t think he ever would.  Everything was “red.”

Not anymore.  The boy knows his colors.  He also is a genius when it comes to “Big A” recognition.  You wouldn’t believe how many “Big A’s” there are around.  I would love to move on to “Big B,” but Mack is not quite ready.

He is so cute these days.  We got him a Bible for Christmas. When it is time to pray he says, “Oh, wait, wait, wait.  Let me go get my Bible.”  He then flips through the pages looking for the right page for whomever we are praying for.  Just the other morning as we were talking about how to pray for Gran and Paw Paw, he said, “OK, here is Gran’s page……Close your eyes, Ruby…Molly…Dear God, Thank you for Gran and help her to feel all better.  Help PawPaw to not cry and Daddy not to cry and Molly not to cry and Gran to run and walk good.”

Sweet booger.  I love that he runs to get his Bible as if he has to have it to pray.  It’s such a good picture for us adults.  The Bible, God’s Word, is full of promises for believers that we can claim in prayer.

This time last year the sun was out, too.  It was warm enough for the kids to be out and playing!

I sure hope the kids get to go to school tomorrow.  We’ve been in this house together since Sunday.  It has gone remarkably well.  We did all the school work that we could.  We’ve colored, watched movies, cleaned their rooms, baked cookies, and just laid around being lazy.  It has been nice.  I won’t complain when the temps break into the 40’s though!

5 thoughts on “This time last year….

  1. Thank you Mack. We are all praying This pray. Gran loves us all so much, just as much as we love her.
    Thanks for letting your daddy come to stay with us for a few days.

    Love you, GG

  2. Oh, Macky-boy…love this, love this! And to run and get his Bible??? AWESOME! Also praying for Gran and Papa – no more crying 🙂

  3. I also love looking back at older photos… although looking back to last year makes me sad… only because I don’t have that little baby anymore 🙁 He is so independent now, but so funny! They seem to make everything more fun don’t they? Funny, how we can learn from them isn’t it? Good job Mack! 🙂

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