Family and Fun!

The week after Christmas Aunt Cacy, Jud and Kaybeth came to see us. That same night, Uncle Jason and Merrilee came over to do Christmas with us, then my parents came to stay for a couple of nights.  It was all a lot of fun.  Here are some shots from that week:


You would think he didn’t like this book from Uncle Jason…..however….

we all got a good laugh out of it!

Pillow Pets were a huge hit from the cousins!!!  Thanks, Jud, Kaybeth, Vance and Renn!

Eating ice cream


Sweetie and PawPaw helped the kids make a “house” out in the woods.  They played LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.

I got a new lens for my camera…from the Dorminy’s!

This checkers game was from Merrilee….poor Mack didn’t really get a chance to play.  He was not happy about it.


That should pretty much catch me up from my Christmas posts.  Now I need to get going with the snow pictures from today.  It is FREEZING here.  Ruby said today, while riding an ATV out in the snow, “I WISH WE LIVED IN HAWAII!”  Oh, at times like these, I couldn’t agree more.


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  1. HAWAII!?! Wow, I wish ya’ll lived there too. I’m sure we would visit more often! lol! My kids love ‘playing’ checkers too! We had fun at your house…just wish we could’ve stayed longer.

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