A bunch of nothing

Oh how I wish I could tell you that we were doing lots of fun things around here, but we really are not.  We did start our cute little manger scene count-down to Christmas calendar today.  The kids love doing that each morning.  They are all at the age where they are very aware if it is their turn to pull something out of the calendar numbers, so I can count on arguments if anyone gets out of line!

Now that Ruby and Mack and Molly have had the flu, and Molly got to have it with strep, I THINK we may be out of the nasty cloud of sickness.  No fever in 36 hours or so….good news!  Everyone will be in their own beds tonight.  Another bit of good news.  No one was sleeping with me and Josh, but they would use the guest room as their “hospital” bed.

Yesterday Molly and Mack both stayed here with me.  It was a very laid back day.  I stressed the importance of resting when one is sick.  It just so happens that this allowed me to drink coffee and read a whole book while I sat on my comfy living room chair.  I did switch laundry a few times, but for the most part, the day was really great and really rare.  I had to fight feeling guilty for just not doing much of anything!

Today every one was in crazy/hyper moods.  Mack galavanted around the very cold house half-dressed most of the time.  He talked non-stop, except when he was crying because Ruby had “russelled” him to the ground.  He may or may not have stayed in the pull up he wore to bed last night…..

The girls each did all their school work and it went really well.

Tonight I am baking sugar cookies while the coughing children sit and watch hulu.com Christmas movies.

A bunch of nothing!  And we like it.


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