Are bangs only for girls?

Oh, this was so funny!  Tonight in the car we were just talking as a family, which usually ends up being kind of chaotic, a bit dramatic, someone may get their feelings hurt, and there is usually laughter.  Tonight was no exception…..I have no idea what we were talking about that made Molly say,

“DADDY, why did you have orange hair when you were little?  AND BANGS?!??!  Only girls are supposed to have bangs.”

Josh denied that he had bangs, but I explained to him that he indeed did have bangs.

I thought pictures would be appropriate.

What do you think?  Bangs or No bangs?

Clearly, he had bangs.

I mean, not that there is anything wrong with Josh in bangs….in 1981.

UPDATE:  Ruby woke up and came downstairs this morning, found the pictures above lying on my desk and said, “So Daddy did have bangs.”


I heart the Koester Family

I have about 10 minutes to do this post, assuming there are no interruptions from the kiddos.  (5 hours later….seriously)

We went to Tennessee last Wednesday through Friday morning to visit our friends, Mary & John and Ben and Katherine.  They moved last May, and we have missed them so much!  As I think back on the time we did live so close, I am amazed that we got the things done that we needed to get done with all the time we carved out for play dates and such.

Here is Mary in true Mary-form:

This is Molly and Mack under electric blankets after a quick run in the snow.  Mack was digging in to the first of many, many hershey kisses.

Ruby and Katherine after the snow…Ruby wants to know what is on tv, as usual.


Sweet little friends

Molly helped in the kitchen a lot.  Mrs. Mary is so kind and patient.

The biggest cardinals were in their backyard…this picture does not do this bird justice.  They were all HUGE.

This is Ben pulling Mack on his sleeping back on the hardwood floors.  Fun game!

More of Molly the helper

Next on the agenda was gingerbread houses….you’d think we were there all week with all that Mrs. Mary packed in for us.  It was a fun time!  See which house you think the 11 year old did and which one the two 6 year old girls and 5 year old girl did…….

Click to enlarge and check out the details…these kids were creative.

Moving on to sugar cookies!

Her sweet sister, Kathy, and Kathy’s husband stopped by with their two girls to ice the cookies.  That was fun, too!

The kids with their creative cookies

Mack chose not to be in this picture.  He probably had a tummy ache from all the icing he ate while he was supposed to be decorating.  All of his cookies were kind of rough looking and half-eaten at this point, so I really can’t blame him for not being a part of this picture.

It was so fun to see the Koester family again and to get to see where they live now!  We love them and hope we can see them again soon…..maybe  in warmer temperatures.