Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we’ve decided to step on into the Christmas Season!  Fun times!

Technically (not that we are very technical about anything around here), it was Mack’s turn to put the angel on the top of the tree.  However, Mack told Josh, “I don’t like girls,” which meant he didn’t want to put the angel on the top.  Ruby and Molly argued about who, then, got to do it.  Molly said she asked first.  Ruby thinks because she is oldest that she should get to do it.  Josh diplomatically settled the dispute by asking each of them to fix her dress once he got her up there.  Problem solved.  Good job, Dad!

Mack did love his choo-choo train stocking though!

And I just might never leave my house this season.

7 thoughts on “Decorating

  1. love your christmas trees. i love christmas trees. i got this little dopey 5 foot one that i can’t find enough lights for…uhhh, so frustrated. i keep telling myself christmas trees are not work crying over. maybe its hormones.

  2. Great job Kristy!! What time should I expect you over on Saturday to get mine all decorated?!?!

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