We’re Making Lemonade!

Being dealt some lemons as of late, we are all under one roof (many lysol wipes, ibuprofen doses, sleepless nights, and eight hours on the road later).  Josh thought he’d go ahead and take Molly and Mack to see his parents in South GA, but after being there about two hours, it seemed that Mack had a fever, so he got his stuff together and drove all the way back home.  Crazily, Mack is totally fine.  No fever, no whining, and a full night of sleep.  Just weird.  Weird.  I have no other thoughts except that evidently the Lord did not want us in Albany.  Don’t know why, but that is ok.  It has to be!  He is God.  He is good.  He doesn’t make mistakes even when the plans we have made and looked forward to fall apart completely.

So, here we are.  All five of us here at home.  I ran to Publix and got a ham and some stuff to make a banana pudding.  I laid out some fresh corn and peas.  Josh brought home some dressing from  his dad.  It’s gonna be  good meal, but we will miss everyone terribly.  Our heart has been learning to be thankful for the things that we don’t understand over the last six months, so this situation seems to fit right into that.  There are different kinds of happy…this is a new one for us.  Here are some pics of us making lemonade here at home.  I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving no matter where you find yourself this year.

4 thoughts on “We’re Making Lemonade!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so sorry to hear that ya’ll were unable to all go to Albany!! I hate that for all of ya’ll. I know PawPaw and Gran were sad too! So glad that you are looking at this with such a positive attitude. GOD is in control and He is good! Hope you all get well soon. We love and miss ya’ll! LOVE THE FAMILY PIC!!! too cute! And the bible verses/fruit turkey centerpiece is GREAT!! 🙂

  2. So sorry that y’all have been under the weather. We have been passing around a stomach bug for 2 weeks over here! I actually ended up at the hospital getting fluids b/c I was so dehydrated! It looks like you had a very special Thanksgiving anyway…

    I’m having this baby on Tuesday! I’ll keep you posted:)

  3. Your table looks beautiful and the pictures too. I am so sorry y’all were unable to follow through with your original plans, but think of the wonderful memories you made by being home.

  4. Josh, Kristy, Ruby, Molly and Mack, we did miss you all terribly, it just wasn’t the same without you. The redneck games were a huge hit, think we should have these every year. The food, well what can you say, I’ve never seen so much food and it was excellent. The weather was perfect and Deb was such a good sport. We enjoyed getting to meet Merrilyn, she introduced our boys to dominoes. We got to sleep in your bed the last night, such a comfort. Your home looks like a post card and your family is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to our next time together. I love you all, REjoice, Aunt Pep

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