Crafty Turkey

Or maybe a scary turkey!!  I don’t know.  I saw a picture of this turkey online and thought it would be cute, but I didn’t take the directions to the store, so I just bought what I thought would work.  The results are kind of funny, but Mack and Molly had fun with it!

When Molly wasn’t fussing at Mack about messing up the “green grape-purple grape” pattern, they worked quite well together.

For anyone who wants to know…a pear should have been used for the turkey head.  You just cut it in half.  Raisins were to be used for eyes.  Cheese could have been cut in cubes for part of the pattern on the “turkey feathers.”  Our cheese was frozen (thanks, Mary!), but I forgot to thaw it out and so I worked with frozen cheese.  Mack even ate it.  Yuck.  You see how sad the cheese “beak” looks!

Practicing fine motor skills….can this count as a school day?


3 thoughts on “Crafty Turkey

  1. I’m lovin’ the pics and updates! Hope ya’ll have a Happy Thanksgiving! I have started a blog… don’t know much… new at this, but would love to learn! 🙂
    How do I share and add others to my blog??? Thanks ~ Natalie

  2. Kristy that turkey is hilarious!!! I LOVE IT!! The kids look like they are having fun. You are such a good mama! 🙂 BTW we made the turkey cookies like you and they turned out fabulous! The kids did great making them. GOBBLE GOBBLE!

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