…just random pictures

Just some pictures that I haven’t posted….

Molly had pajama day while I was in Indonesia.  She just had to wear this Fancy Nancy gown.  Josh did have her wear shorts and a t-shirt underneath though.

This was the night I got back from Indonesia…a long 11 days away from the family!  They are showing off their cheap watches I got them in Singapore.

Mack was not impressed with the shirt and the drum I got for him, so I had to give him my flashlight that was part of our conference…then, and only then, was I in good graces with him!

Mack and Molly were beside themselves on the night we bought a pumpkin to carve.

Recently Mrs. Mary sent a care package to the kids with a ton of goodies and two shawls for Ruby to wear since her coats don’t fit well over her cast!  I feel like I have already posted about this….I have written it in my head, but I don’t believe I have ever followed through.  We miss the Koester family horribly.  Mary was my closest friend around here!  She always was encouraging or hilarious about whatever situation we found ourselves in.  I learned a lot from having her as a friend.  We hope to visit them in December.

This is a picture I took of Ruby in Molly’s Kindergarten classroom, which was also Ruby’s Kindergarten classroom.  It’s so cute because her smile makes me think that she has really fond memories of being in that room!  She reminds me how easy Kindergarten was every time we start to do 1st grade Math….”but Mom, I just really miss Kindergarten.  1st grade is so hard!”

And this is Molly with her cute little friend, Audrey.  They are in school and Sunday School together….very sweet friends.

How is that for random?!  If you only knew what kind of day(s) we are having ’round here, you would understand.   Happy Monday night.

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  1. Love Molly and Mack’s expressions during the pumpkin carving…and how sweet for Mary to think of sending Ruby the shawls……….good pictures!

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