Gearing up for Thanksgiving!

Today was the annual Thanksgiving Feast at the girls school.  It is such a great way to kick off our Thanksgiving Break.  We started off in Ruby’s room with her being the Miller in the play, Stone Soup.  She did a good job!  Mrs. O helped hold her book since she still has that cast on!

After the play was over, we went in to the lunchroom with her and sat with her while she ate.  Mack kind of ate all along throughout the whole morning/afternoon.  He is an absolute mess!  We are so proud of Ruby and how well she read in her play.  She is such a sweet 1st grader.

Next stop was Molly’s Kindergarten class where we got to watch her be a cute little Indian girl.  Her part was, “shhhhhh!”  And she did a great job!

The class members also told what they would like to see on a Thanksgiving menu this year.  Molly said POPSICLES.  No surprise there!

She also got to have Daddy up there with her to play her part after they finished doing the play the first time.  It was cute to see the dads and moms up there being silly.

We all ate lunch with her.  (Then, Josh stayed for ten minutes of clean up!…how does he wiggle his way out of stuff????)  Anyway, it was a very fun morning at the school.  I love this school and how it helps me to stay home so much with the kids.  I know we are making some good memories….I just hope they will forget any of the bad ones we are also making.  🙂  Seriously, TKA is near the top of my list of things I am grateful for.

I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I love this time of year.


Oh, and I must not forget to record that that I made the same Turkey cookies for both of the girls classes…..I didn’t have FOUR helpers like I did last year, so the turkeys looked a little tired and cross-eyed by the time I finished all 40 of them!

2 thoughts on “Gearing up for Thanksgiving!

  1. What a fun time. Everyone looks like they are having a really good time….Kristy, you SOUNDED like you had a nice time too. I love Thanksgiving too.

    Is Josh growing a beard??

    I love you all.


  2. how cute! i LOVE thanksgiving! i am so thankful that you posted all these cute pics and shared this special Thanksgiving Feast with us! We are gonna miss ya’ll this year! I LOVE the cookies you made. SO CUTE! in fact, i may just copy your idea!? i was gonna do cupcake turkeys, but i’m tired of cupcake crafts! thanks for sharing! love ya’ll! btw Josh looks skinny and manly all at the same time with that shadow on his face. tell him to keep it growing! he’s a little chia pet!

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