This is funny…

…and maybe too personal, but oh well.

This morning I was ranting about how no one puts anything away and how Mommy’s always have to work since the little ones don’t put things back where they go….blah, blah, blah.  Mack just point-blank asked me: “Mama.  Why you mad?”

I just stopped and started laughing.  I went on to explain that every month most Mommys get a headache or get annoyed and that maybe if I could just have some time alone I would feel better.

Mack said, “Yeah, maybe you should have your quiet time…..”

Ruby interrupted and whispered in his ear,”…and a donut stick!”

How funny is that???  And true, too!

So I sent the kids to watch a movie while I sit and have my quiet time and tell Jesus how I am the only one who ever puts anything away and how I am so tired!  He’ll listen to me.

As for the donut stick, I better pass.  Next week offers way too many yummy options to waste calories on a processed donut stick!  But Ruby had a good point.

4 thoughts on “This is funny…

  1. Ruby is my kind of gal! No wonder Katherine loves her so much…every girl needs a friend that appreciates the power of a donut stick!

    1. I tell Jesus on people all the time! I love it how our kids know that Mommys are MUCH better after their quiet time!!

  2. She is learning fast about what makes a girl TRULY happy…donut sticks, or little debbies, or dark chocolate, or…you get my point!!!

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