A new day…

What a difference a good night’s rest and a Saturday morning alone can make!  Josh took the kids to Waffle House and left me here all by myself.  Yipee!  I have enjoyed Mocha Mint Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and my Bible.  And I just felt the need to share….my last post may have seemed a bit despairing, so if anyone is concerned about my mental well-being, well….right now I am better.  🙂

Here’s the verse I am memorizing and meditating on these days.  I try to leave it and go to another, but I just can’t seem to shake it.  It’s perfect for where we are right now.

Psalm 94: 18-19  “If I should say, ‘My foot has slipped,’ Your lovingkindness, O Lord, will hold me up.  When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.”

Isn’t that good?

But to combat anxious thoughts, we have to be in His Word to know what kind of consolations the Lord offers us.  There are many.

I also want to share some songs that are just fabulous.  I always like to hear of new songs that I can add on to my i-pod.  Here’s a list of the songs I am wearing out these days.  Check them out for yourselves.

1) JOY IS IN OUR HEARTS, Sara Groves

2)RESTLESS, Audrey Assad

3)CARRY ME, Audrey Assad

4)YOU ARE GOOD, Nichole Nordeman

5)GRATITUDE, Nichole Nordeman

6) JEALOUS, Church at Brook Hills

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.  I don’t plan to leave the comfort of my warm house, and I am so excited about it!

Ruby had a good appointment yesterday and it seems that he bones are healing properly.  We go back next week to check on them again. Keep praying that all is well!  We may get it re-cast since they had to saw it, but I am not sure about that.

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  1. So glad you got a quite moment alone this morning. It’s amazing what a little solitude, coffee, and the Word can do for a hard working Mama.

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