The week

The week has been LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG.  I am acutely aware of why I was such a bear during the newborn phase, which lasted around my house for about 3 years!  This waking up business and staying awake for three hours at a time business is for the birds.  Birds that don’t have kids to feed, school to teach, clothes to wash, a husband to care for…..and birds that DO get to sleep all day and look out for themselves alone.

So, since it is so late.  7:46pm, to be exact. (It feels like midnight.)  Let me just make a list to record the week, so that the kids will remember what a loving, sacrificial mother they have.  Or  not.

-Lots of “careful!”s and “Watch out for Ruby’s arm” and “Stop running, Ruby.”

-A few nights of Ruby sleeping with me in the master bed.  I woke up every time she moved to make sure she was keeping her arm elevated….seeing how we’ve had some circulation issues and all.

-Middle of the night potty breaks for me and then for Ruby….only she wouldn’t happen to go when I was already up.  She’d wait until I had been back in bed about, oh, 20 minutes.  “Sure, sweetie, I will help you go potty.”

-Wee morning hour medicine show-downs.  “You HAVE to take this medicine, Ruby.”  (shaking her head and pursing her lips)  “Ruby, this is not funny.  I am sooooooo tired.  Please just take this medicine.”  (more shaking head and pursing lips)  “RUBY.  STOP IT.  OPEN. YOUR. MOUTH. NOW.”  and on and on and on we would go.

-Molly and Mack sleeping together and giggling and laughing until all hours of the night.

– Lots of school work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Meltdown after realizing a field trip was going to be cancelled.  Again.

-Taking a trip to Chick-fil-A to meet up with some of Molly’s classmates instead….and then having to leave when someone threw-up at the top of the play area….that’s what we need–a throw-up bug in the middle of all of this.

-Mack constantly taking his clothes off every time he gets out of my eye shot.  “A cuz I don’t want my pants on.”

And I leave you with a quote on gratitude.

I feel a very unusual sensation – if it’s not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude
Benjamin Disrael

Clearly, I have indigestion.




7 thoughts on “The week

  1. OK Shana…perfect response!!!Kristy you are making my sides hurt from all the laughing. Thank you for that. When your kids write their tell-all book I am sure it will be solely dedicated to you. Where is Joshua Lee Dorminy in all this…hiding out for his dear life…??
    Hang in there girl…”what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”…yeah right!!! GO BUY TUMS, I am NOT sharing mine!!!

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