Sheriff Mom

Mack kept saying “Let’s talk about poop.”  Or he’d say, “C’mon, Molly.  Let’s go in here and say poo-poo.”  I had enough, so I told him that if he didn’t stop saying that nasty word that I would pop his hiney and then pop his little nasty mouth.

He walked by me, pointed to me and said, “Good luck with that, Sheriff Mom.”

Yes, he did.

Is it just me or are they a tad cuter before they can talk?

8 thoughts on “Sheriff Mom

  1. Hi Kristy – Gotta love Mac – he is such a character. Hope
    Ruby is better. And Josh’s mom – hope she is improving.
    Kristy we are having a great revival all week. Just hope
    I can go each night through Wed. You would enjoy it. All about the power of prayer and what it can do in your life. Hope you and your family have a Great Holiday Season. Love GAGA

  2. “NO HE DIDN’T”. He is so full of personality. Just wait till he says the “S” word…stupid…that one is hysterical. Have a good day sheriff mom. Deputy Leigh is putting her kids on lock down this week…grades…UGH!!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Good luck, huh? It sounds like you’re gonna need it 😉 Mack is one funny kid. And I love the baby pictures of him…just wanna squeeze those cheeks…especially since he won’t let me near them now!

  4. THAT is hilarious…I just want to know how you kept a straight face?? I tell ya, Mack and Faith are two peas in a pod!!

  5. Too funny! 🙂
    Good “keeping up” with ya’ll through your postings! Hope ya’ll are all doing well!
    Looking at Mack’s baby pic’s… time just flies by soooo quickly with these babies!!! I wish I could just pause Carson for a while… love this age (1 and a half) and how he seems to be a little sponge… soaking it all in and with such amazement!
    Miss ya 🙂

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