Poor little Ruby!

Well, well, well…it happened…a broken bone.  Poor Ruby fell at the park on Saturday from a 5 foot platform and broke both bones in her forearm near the wrist very badly.  It didn’t poke through the skin, so that was great.  But it still was a bad break that needed a cast immediately.  We are praying that the bones are healing perfectly and that there is no need for surgery.  We should find out Friday about that.

Today Ruby said her fingers were feeling funny.  They were still very swollen despite our efforts to keep her arm elevated properly.  She couldn’t feel me touching her pinky, so I knew I had to call the doctor.  Ends up, they wanted us to see the orthopedic doctor asap, but their office couldn’t take us and we had to take Ruby back to the ER again to see the doctor there.  Sure enough, the cast was too tight and not allowing room for the swelling, hence cutting off circulation to her hand a bit.  They cut the cast down the middle and taped it up so that it wasn’t quite as tight.  We struggled to get her to take her pain medicine tonight…she is HORRIBLE at swallowing liquid medicine.  Josh and her go head-to-head on that issue, and I rub her back and start with saying, “You can do this, Ruby.”  By the end of it all, I am saying, “You will do this, Ruby.  Oh, yes you will!”  We all smile and laugh at the whole ordeal when it is over.

So this week Ruby is watching movies and trying to do school work at a very slow pace.  Molly has been by her side the entire time.  She comes and gets me any time Ruby needs anything….anything, like a massage.  I stop whatever I am doing and go right to see what she needs and she sometimes says, “I just need a little massage on my shoulders.”  I massage for about 35 seconds, and she says, “OK, that’s good.  Thanks, mom.”  And off I go to resume my duties.  But, Molly will always let me know if I am needed.  What a sweet sister Molly is being.  To Ruby.  Molly seems to have little patience with Mack these days.  She fusses at him if he gets too close to the cast or if he jumps on the bed that Ruby is lying on.  I have to remind her that she loves Mack just as much as she loves Ruby…so could we act like it???!!

Hopefully in the next six weeks or so Ruby will be all back to normal….as well as our sleeping patterns.  Please pray with us about her arm and that it wouldn’t need surgery!  Thanks so much!

8 thoughts on “Poor little Ruby!

  1. I was so sorry to hear about Ruby’s badly broken arm. So glad to know that she is doing good this week. Hopefully the x-ray will bring good news. I love your blog!

  2. What a wonderful blessing to have a good sister and helper like Molly. Paw Paw and I feel very badly for Ruby. We sure hope this cast will do the trick. We know deep in Mack’s heart he is very concerned for Ruby too.

  3. Aw that Molly is a sweet sister. I hate that Ruby got hurt but it sounds like she is in good hands. Mom said that Molly was more upset than Ruby. I am sure Mack is sad for Ruby too…in his on special way…

  4. This post makes me laugh…don’t get me wrong b/c I do feel badly for Ruby, but it’s funny to see the ‘joy’ on Molly’s face due to the fact she gets to play nurse 🙂 I pray Ruby has a speedy recovery and avoids surgery. And you keep up the good work with the massages and things 😉

  5. When I was in the hospital and Molly & Josh came to visit, Molly was a wonderful nurse. Give her a couple of rubber gloves and she will wash down your entire house. She even sat in bed with me when it was time for us to have lunch or dinner. She does look pretty happy, though, standing by Ruby. You gave her a good job. Ruby, we’re so sorry you are injured. Gran & Papaw

  6. Poor Ruby! So sorry she is in pain. Hopefully she won’t need surgery. And tell Nurse Molly that I may just have to call her the next time we have a sickness at our house…she would be a BIG help! 🙂 Praying the next 6 wks go easy for Ruby and the entire family and your sleep patterns return to normal.

  7. Hello Ruby – Hope you feel better soon. Molly will make
    a great nurse – she has the smile, caring and helpful way about her. So Ruby let her be your “little sister” nurse. Kristy – hope Ruby does not have to have surgery.
    With three kids – this is most likely just the beginning. You know I always said with Nick I had th Orthopedic Dr. name instead of the pedetrician (sp). Jesse was the calm one never broke a bone. Take care and
    I will say a pray for Ruby.

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